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""Are you guys lost"--Jamie's sister
"no we're fine"--the guy
(guy keeps looking around)
"Are you sure"--Jamie's sister
"yea"--the girl
"well i'm just asking because this is our room"--Jamie's sister
the guy and girl continue to walk around the hotel complex"

- stoned guy and girl

Guy and girled stoned standing outside of our hotel room in disney
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This website is first and foremost dedicated to the my friends and the good times we had hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the beauty that is Eagles Crag. It all started back in 1996 and my first hike through the beautify and majestic mountains of New Hampshire and Maine. I've done three additional trips since than, and have done other hiking trips because I loved the experience.

This website was started more from the love of those trips than anything, and it's current thoughts on where it will go are as yet unknown. It is possible for it to evolve into something by far much more interesting or for it to merely stay as a reminder to me of the good times I had amongst the beautiful mountains.