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"What you end up with, after running an operating system concept through these many marketing coffee filters, is something not unlike plain hot water"

- Matt Welsh
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Thank you for stopping by Eaglescrag.net. Currently there is NO content here, however the domain is more a vanity domain that I am using for a few things. I will eventually move my website and re-do it here but that requires time which I unfortunatley don't have. I did take the time to make a pretty picture, what you guys think?

*** Ren. Faire Photos *** These can be found at http://www.eaglescrag.net/stuff/renfaire2005/ Hope you enjoy!

Small Update there are a few people who might actually want to e-mail me after searching and finding the lovely place, for them I suggest the following instructions:
  1. Pick a random string, it can be "Bob", "Mary", "Warthog19", anything really
  2. Put the string from (1) in front of an @ symbol
  3. Tack on the domain name after the @ symbol so the end sorta looks like: @eaglescrag.net
  4. e-mail it to me! Yes you can put anything you want before the @ symbolc and it will get to me :-D ahhh the miracle of owning your own domain!