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"And, of course, if the pundits have their way, we'll all be programming in some kind of XML based programming language where we'll be writing
for i := 1 to 10 do A[i] = 0;
<statement type="assignment">
     <variable type="simple">i</variable>
               <constant type="decimal">10

Completion of the above is left as an exercise for the reader. [if it takes that much to just assign I it's not pretty]"

- Prof. Jones

IS there an end to insanity
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Editorial Note: A bunch of the content here has been removed, not because someone found it offensive or anything like that. It's just really, the content is was quite old and so far beyond what I'm interested in portraying anymore. I mean, I'm not a teenager angsting over the universe anymore. I'm an adult who's angsting about broken computers, work and paying the bills ;-)

If you found the content here useful, I know it's available in the way back machine, or if you really want a copy of it - shoot me an e-mail, the howto for that is on the front page.